भोट कस्लाई ? US Presidential Election: Biden vs. Trump. Who will lead America for next 4 years? Participate in the first ever poll of people of Nepali origin living in the USA.

On November 3, 2020 Americans will vote in a general election that will elect a president and vice president for four years, along with numerous federal and state public office. The presidential election is between Donald Trump and Mike Pence (Republican) and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (Democratic).

This poll is being conducted exclusively for people of Nepali origin living in the United States. This poll is the first of its kind for people of Nepali origin living in the United States to gauge their support for candidates in the upcoming presidential election. By design, all votes are confidential and are not personally identifiable. The anonymous selections you provide will be tabulated in the final results. For an accurate result provide the answer that best matches your thinking and background.

The poll is going to take approximately 1-3 minutes. The poll results will be published subsequently. Like us in https://www.facebook.com/BhugolPark or register to stay updated or tell us your suggestions.