We are Nepal's first and exclusive public polling and survey platform dedicated to providing data-based results of Nepalese opinions on a multitude of topics by the general public. We are a data-driven platform that supplies accurate data to our audience with utmost transparency.
Our main domain is:

  • Data breakdown per demographic info with leading socio-economic indicators
  • Automatic visualization of raw data into charts for easy understanding
  • Ability to export full data for detailed further analysis

Our Services

We are customers centric and we cater to all types of organizational entities from business forms entrepreneurs to customer feedback for the hospitality industry, decision support for members-only trade associations, planning support through baseline for NGOs, the general public, and various projects, and political parties

Bhugolpark serves as a platform where any entity can easily register, create polls and place opinions through voting under the polls created by BhugolPark. The above entities can also create their own individual, group, and political page and save their important documents or create various polls or surveys under the group.

Anyone can share their opinion and get opinions from others- all anonymously and without personally identifiable information (PII). We allow service free of cost for the users.

Be a panelist and take part in an informational poll and create one for your group!

Main Poll

BhugolPark produces two Main polls every week. The main poll is developed under the current national and international issues focusing mostly on national matters. Anyone can vote from anywhere and anytime and give their opinion. Participating in polls is a freedom towards exercising your rights.

Mini Poll

The mini poll is produced every day focusing on the top national news. Anyone can vote their opinion without any boundaries. Use them anytime and anywhere to vote. Our mini polls allow you to view instant results in seconds of your voting. It is easy and fast.

Issue Advocacy Poll

Issue Advocacy Poll is a special poll or a campaign that is conducted on different personalities of Nepal. The main idea of this campaign is to promote and raise awareness of the different issues. This also helps encourage concerned stakeholders to make a significant impact on the policy level.

Vox Pop Videos

Through Vox pop ‘voice of people’ we help our viewers tell stories of existing issues. These video interviews investigate public opinion towards widely known issues that help us stay informed, connected, and make government accountable. We believe in making videos that positively impact community.

Hard News

We keep our viewers informed with latest stories from national and international topics like business, entertainment, economics, politics, health, natural calamities, riots, culture. This will help our viewers to get updated in the latest news. Stay connected with our page for latest updates of daily national news.

Investigative Report

This is a research based reports with all the necessary facts, data in an accurate manner that will keep our viewers informed. Because of investigative nature, there will be depth information which help stakeholders know about the issues that result in bigger impact.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Other than polls, we are also dedicated towards services focused to businesses firms that directly cater to increase customer response leading to business development. We conduct customer satisfaction survey for any business entities so that management know what their client or customers think about them.

Creating Profiles

BhugolPark is a complete platform for any entities from organizations, political parties, leaders to general people. This profile allows you to create page and save details of your organization and lets you manage organization safely and systematically. This profile can be used and owned by individuals.

Create Group/Team

Any bunch of people can create group in our site and stay engaged with the activities such as create polls, participate in polls, share information, news and documents in their own group and stay connected with each other. One can also update their activities which are sharable and printable in our site.

Initiation for Equality

Initiation for equality is a program working to build more equal society. We help to empower communities by strengthening the voices of community members in sensitizing decision makers at national levels, and working alongside them to advocate effectively for their rights. We believe in equal access to social standing, resources and political participation.

Our Team

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Kanhaiya Rajbhandari


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Sushma Suwal

Board Advisor

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Bishwo Jyoti Baniya

Operation Advisor

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Upeksha Tuladhar

Business Operation

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Isha Thapa

Legal Counsel

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Pratik Raghubanshi

Technology Head

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Shristi Maharjan

Senior Developer

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Keshab Khadka


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Manita Dongol

Data Officer

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Carin Ghimire

Digital Media Officer

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Simant Singh


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Karun Singh Baraili


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