Trending News Poll- 7 March 2022

What do you have to say about Nepal signing the MCC agreement amidst the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine?
What kind of impact does the vote of Nepal to deplore the Russian invasion of Ukraine has on Nepal-Russia relation ?
What impact will Nepal’s decision to support Ukraine will have on with its neighbors?
Do you think western counties have influenced the decision of Nepal to support Ukraine?
What do you think about steps taken by Nepal Government to bring back Nepalese safely from Ukraine?
Do you think Paul Shah’s case has overshadowed World News and MCC?
With all the sanctions, the Russian currency value has dropped, this has forced Russian people to choose crypto over cash/bank. With this, should Nepal also legalize digital currency and allow trade of crypto currency?
What do you have to say about decline in NEPSE?
With the hike in petroleum product, NOC has decided to reduce few of the benefits of its employees along with cutting down commission of dealers. What do you think about this?

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