Research on knowledge attitude and practice of breastfeeding mother

Age Group
Type of Family
Family Income
Maternal Lactation Period
Is exclusive breastfeeding important?
Is colostrum nutritionally benificial to the child?
Does exclusive breastfeeding improve immunity?
Is it important ti initiate breastfeeding within 1 hr after birth?
Can exclusive breastfeeding prevent child from diarrhea?
Growth patterns of breastfed infants differ from formula fed?
Consuming galactogogues like almonds and fenugreek can improve milk production?
How long exclusive breastfeeding should be continued?
Did you take advice from lactation councellor before breastfeeding?
Did you give lacteal feeds to the infant?
What was the type of first feed given to your last child?
When did you start breastfededing after delivering your last child?
How frequently do you breast feed?
How frequently do you consume galactogogues for improving milk production?
Breastfeeding should be continued upto 2 years
Do you think breastfeeding should ne on demand?
Do you believe in giving pre lacteal feed to babies?
Do you believe in following vaccination schedule?
Should breastfeeding be stopped when child has diarrhoeal episodes?
Is formula feed better than breastfeeding?
Do you think health and hygiene are more important for breastfeeding?
Do you believe that breastfeeding causes changes in body shape?
Does breastfeeding increases mother child bonding?

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