भोट कस्लाई ? US Presidential Election: Biden vs. Trump. Who will lead America for next 4 years? Participate in the first ever poll of people of Nepali origin living in the USA.

भोट कस्लाई ? Are you a person of Nepali origin or married/related to one, residing in United States?
Q2. Are you registered to vote in the election for the President ?
Q3. Who did you think won the first presidential debate held on September 29, 2020?
Q4. Thinking ahead to the November general election, are you almost certain that you will vote ?
Q5. If the 2020 presidential election were held today, who would you vote for (or your choice if not able to vote):
Q6. If you intend to vote in the November general election, would your preference be to vote in person on:
Q7. Are you going to vote for candidates of the same party for U.S. Senate, House of Representative, State offices or will you vote depending on the candidate regardless of the party?
Q8. Does the choice of Vice President affect your vote for president?
Q9. How much are you thinking about the 2020 presidential race these days?
Q10. How excited are you about the candidate you will vote for?

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