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जनजागरण पार्टी नेपाल

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जनजागरण पार्टी नेपाल
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republicanism, rule of law, and unbound civic liberties
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जनजागरण पार्टी नेपालको बारेमा

The Janajagaran Party Nepal is a political party in Nepal. It was led by Lok Mani Dhakal (2013-2017) afterwards by BP Khanal, PhD. The Janajagaran Party won 1 seat in the 2013 Nepalese Constituent Assembly election. JPN is one of the few parties in Nepal, and S. Asia, which is committed to republicanism, rule of law, and unbound civic liberties. Though it toyed with the idea of socialism and collectivism to a degree in its formative years, the party slowly moved to the center and slightly center-right over the years.

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